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Coach Camille Herron

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Camille Herron graduated with a B.S. in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of Tulsa and went on to get her M.S. in Exercise and Sport Science at Oregon State University in 2007. As a young and growing runner, she experienced many injuries and wanted to understand 'why' to keep herself healthy and continue running for a lifetime. As an undergrad, she began doing research studies with a strength training device that could be used by astronauts in space to help maintain bone and muscle mass. She decided to continue studying bone and exercise in grad school. Her thesis focused on using whole body vibration training to enhance bone and muscle recovery following a period of disuse. Through her studies, she learned that the ideal anabolic stimulus for musculoskeletal health is frequent daily bouts of light mechanical stress (~walking, standing, easy running) and infrequent bouts of higher intensity stress. 

Applying her knowledge, Camille has since gone from being an injury-riddled collegiate athlete, to averaging over 100 miles per wk since Nov. 2006 and becoming a world-class ultrarunner. Through the mutual collaboration with her Coach/Husband, Conor Holt, they've taken her from a 19+ min 5K to lifetime career achievements that include:

  • 3-time Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier (PR of 2:37:14)

  • 21 Marathon wins (member of the Marathon Maniacs and 50-State pursuer)

  • 2011 US Pan American Team in the marathon

  • 3rd American at the 2011 NYC Marathon (2:40:06)

  • Guinness World Record for racing a marathon in a superhero costume (2:48:51 dressed as Spiderwoman)

  • 3-time National Champion (50 miles/100K Road, 100K Trail)

  • 2-time World Champion (50K and 100K- 7:08:35, 4th fastest time ever)

  • Comrades Marathon Champion (uphill course, one of only 3 Americans to win)

  • Current American Record Holder for Track-50 miles (5:59.10), 100k (7:36.29), 100 miles (13:25.00) and 200k (17:07.27)

  • Current World Record holder for 50 miles (5:38:41), 12 hrs (92.665 miles), 100 miles (12:42:40, 7:37 per mile pace), and 24 hours ( 162.919 miles)

  • 100 miles Trail Best for women (12:42:40)

  • Trail win highlights include: White River 50 (2nd best all-time), Ultra Race of Champions 100K (course record), Tarawera 102K (course record), Tarawera 100 Mile (course record), Bandera 100K/US Championship, and Tunnel Hill 100 overall win and Course Record

  • USATF Ruth Anderson Ultrarunner of the Year ('15, '16, '17, ‘18)

  • International Association of Ultrarunners Athlete of the Year (2015, 2018)

  • Ultrarunning Magazine Performance of the Year (2015, 2017, 2018) and Ultrarunner of the Year (2017)

Camille has taken the USATF Level 1 Coaching Course and has served as the Secretary/Athlete Representative of the USATF Women's LDR Executive Committee since 2012. She volunteer coached with Conor at Oklahoma City University from 2011-2016. They built the team starting in 2011 to winning three National Cross Country titles and the Men's-Women's Combined Team National title in 2015. In five years at OCU, they coached 69 All-Americans in Cross Country/Track, 4 National Champions, 29 school records, and one Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier (2016). 

Outside of running, Camille works as a Research Assistant and specialist in bone imaging/osteoimmunology at OU Medicine and has co-authored numerous scientific manuscripts. She and Conor understand the balance between stress and rest and striking a balance with life outside of running. She has shared her unique scientific knowledge and insight with many others over the years to help them strive for good health and reach their running goals. Now she's excited to share her winning training formula with others. As Rob de Castella says, "Train smarter, not harder."